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Need more eyes on your site than look no further than Local Dudes. We can create and campaign designed to generate traffic and increase your brand exposure.


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Marketing is designed to increase exposure and add revenue to your pockets. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to do just that.


We can help you dominate the organic search listings on the major search engines through our white hat SEO services.


We believe in transparency. One of the best ways to do this is by providing monthly reports so you can easily track the status of our work.


We don’t believe in forcing you into long-term contracts. We want to let the quality of our work do the talking.

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Type : Google Organic Search
Keyword : San Diego Pop Up Trade Show Displays
Listing Amount : 9,39,000
Starting Rank :
Current Ranking : 1

Details : Worked with the client and came up with the strategy to build a web page that was designed to rank locally within the main city in their geographic area.


Type : Google Organic Search
Keyword : Trade Show Counters
Listing Amount : 26,800,000
Starting Rank :
Current Ranking : 3

Details : We have ranked this clients site for multiple keywords. For this specific listing We added a category page to their ecommerce store focused on trade show counters. We optimized the page and worked on obtaining quality backlinks to help boost the search rankings.

Your Leading San Diego SEO Marketing Company

Today, every one of us uses search engines. We ask Google or its counterparts a question and it gives us a list of websites that may contain the answer. Some of these links are at the very top, another at the bottom of the first page, while the others are spread out among pages we will never check out. Any business owner strives to ranks their website first in the search results page since this guarantees that a potential client will see it. We are Local Dudes Marketing, San Diego SEO agency and will help promote your business on the Internet to ensure a boost in visitors.

What Is Seo?

There are many ways to attract attention to your website ranging from email marketing to pay per click advertising. However, the most comprehensive and versatile method to drive traffic is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions to improve a website’s ranking in the search results according to specific queries. In other words, these activities help raise your site to the top when a user enters search queries relevant to your business. This type of promotion is an integral part of digital marketing for companies of any scale and niche. SEO is especially critical for newcomers and small companies. Provided it has a correctly chosen approach, small business SEO allows pitting against competitors even on a shoe-string budget.

Stronger competitors may invest in other types of online promotion to spark the target audience’s interest. You probably saw contextual advertising in Google, which pops up at top of the search results. This ad is able to draw in many customers but it is not lasting, i.e. it will be displayed as long as an advertiser pays. When it comes to SEO, your website will be visible in the organic search results, i.e. free-of-charge results generated by a search engine. With the right SEO approach, not only will your website rise to the first positions in the search results but also gain a foothold without recurring significant financial injections.

Benefits Of SEO Marketing For Small Businesses

Combined with other types of digital promotion, Search Engine Optimization provides increased exposure and brings more traffic to your site. Even if you decide to go with SEO exclusively, you will be able to achieve the following:

  1.  Long-lasting results. If your website is properly promoted, it can occupy a top position for a long time. This will boost brand awareness and a good online reputation.
  2. Recognition. Users tend to visit websites ranked high and ignore search results at the bottom of the page. SEO will increase the rating of your digital platform thus bolstering up its popularity.
  3. Great ROI. According to statistics, SEO’s return on investment is much higher than that of any other internet marketing tool. Users who go to your website from the search results page have a clear goal to buy a product or service. Thus, if your platform meets their expectations, they are likely to make a purchase. 
  4. Effectiveness. All results of a SEO campaign are measurable. With special online tools, you can assess quantitative indicators and conclude how successful your actions were. If needed, you can correct or intensify your strategy in a timely fashion.
  5. Beneficial for potential customers. Search engine optimization improves user experience through clear site structure and quality content.
  6. Increases customer loyalty. The main objective of SEO is to attract more potential customers. If they are satisfied with the quality of products you offer, then they are guaranteed to return to your online store again.
Onsite SEO

As we have already mentioned, SEO is a complex of actions. Conventionally, they can be divided into internal (onsite SEO) and external optimization (offsite SEO).

Onsite optimization involves improving the internal structure of a website to make it straightforward, useful, and intuitive for users. If your visitors like your site and its content matches their search queries, it will undoubtedly increase its ranking in search results. The website design, its loading speed, page layout, readability, usability, and, of course, content, are integral components of internal optimization.

To successfully promote your products or services on the Internet, you need to think about how people will search them or, more precisely, with what words. The combination of keywords and their variations make up the semantic core of a website and reflect its theme. Every piece of content you post should include these keywords. Moreover, they ought to be distributed evenly, fit well into the text, and look natural.

If your business belongs to a popular niche, there is a chance that your competitors already use similar keywords. For example, if you have a car rental business, it makes sense to use the phrase “car rental” for promotion. However, it can be difficult to make it to the top because many other sites will target the same keyword. In this case, it may be more beneficial to promote so-called long-tail keywords, for example, “short term car rent”. They may generate less traffic but in the end, they are more profitable due to lower competition and more accurate description of your business.

Along with that, if your business is focused on a regional market, you should carry out a local SEO strategy. Its goal is to bring in clients specifically from your area, cutting off non-target audience from other territories. Thus, users will see your website not only because its content meets their queries but also because you are located in a place where they are most likely to make a purchase.

Sounds too complicated? With our small business SEO agency, you won’t have to worry whether the chosen onsite strategy is correct. We will help analyze your website, improve its structure and performance, as well as draw up a semantic core and embed keywords in professionally created content.

Offsite SEO

Since the Internet is comprised of billions of websites, they constantly interact with each other. While competing platforms may prevent you from getting to the top positions in the search results, other sites can help you in this endeavor. By receiving a link to your site from an external online resource (this method is called link-building), you show the search engine that it is trustworthy and deserves to be ranked high.

Such external sites can be blogs, forums, social networks, press releases, directories, price aggregators, etc. The more authoritative the platform is and the more its theme matches your niche, the greater push to the top your site will get. Moreover, solid online resources, as it were, share their authority with your domain. In Google’s eyes, high website authority means it is valuable to users. Therefore, the search engine will rank it high in the long run.

You should keep in mind that not all references are equally useful. Links from spammed domains or link exchange directories can seriously harm your site’s positions. 

Sometimes, in pursuit of quick results, business owners resort to the so-called black hat SEO. Its essence is to use search engines’ bugs and some features to deceive their algorithm and speed up the promotion. Such methods bring quick results but sooner or later the search engine will detect cheating and your website will be punished (penalized).

Here, at Local Dudes Marketing, we use only strategies approved by search engines (white hat SEO). Our SEO company will help you get quality links from reputable resources, thereby reinforcing the authority of your website and strengthening its credibility.

Small Business SEO Company Services Designed To Help You Grow?

If you don’t know where to start with SEO for your small business or you require expert assistance, our San Diego SEO marketing agency will gladly lend you a helping hand. We have been doing internet marketing for over 16 years and know its ins and outs. Our professionals will learn the specifics of your business and select a strategy that fully meets your needs and goals. Being targeted for small businesses, we offer SEO services geared to help you grow at a pace you can afford.

When Working With Local Dudes Marketing, You Can Expect:
  • knowledgeable and seasoned SEO experts;
  • full transparency;
  • reasonably-priced services for small businesses in San Diego and beyond;
  • tangible result according to your budget;
  • monthly reports.

Our services start at an affordable rate of $299 per month for smaller websites. If your business operates in a highly competitive market, we will have to discuss the pricing with you. We do require a 3-month commitment this how long it usually takes to start seeing some positive results with our seo services . Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen overnight but after 90 days you will be able to see significant ranking improvement.

You may opt for onsite, offsite SEO or the whole package for your website. No matter what option you choose, we guarantee to use the best practices to make your platform thrive. If you require customized services, we’ll readily tailor our offer to fit your specific needs and objectives.

Contact Local Dudes your leading San Diego SEO company today and receive a free onsite audit analysis.