In our day and age, more and more businesses take their activities online. The virtual space is a breeding ground for customers, so it would be a mistake to ignore it. We can increasingly see how companies making use of Internet marketing winning the competition over bricks-and-mortar. If you think that web promotion is not exactly what you need, you couldn’t be more wrong. We are Local Dudes, a digital marketing agency San Diego, and we are going to tell you how online internet marketing can take your business to a whole new level.

What Is Internet Marketing?

In a nutshell, Internet marketing (also called online marketing or e-marketing) refers to the process of promoting a business as well as its products and services via the Internet. Obviously, the ultimate goal of this promotion is to stimulate sales, increase traffic, and lure shoppers onto your digital business platform or physical store.

In addition to improving sales, companies can accomplish a variety of other goals thanks to the Internet. For example, they are able to tell potential buyers about themselves, increase brand awareness, form a positive opinion about their products, roll out new products, enter an international market, etc. At the same time, promotion on the net helps better embrace local markets. If you run your business in Southern California (like we do) you’ll surely benefit from San Diego internet marketing.

How To Get Started With Online Marketing

To get started with digital marketing, you need a corporate website and/or online store. It will accommodate all the valuable information regarding your brand and will help your customers make purchases. Some businesses, though, manage to thrive without a site. Still, they have some form of digital presence such as a social media account, for example.

You should not think that once your website is up and running you’ll be having customers by the truckload. In fact, a site is only the very first step towards your success. If you are keen on getting the desired result, you must use all suitable marketing channels. Those include promotion in search engines, advertising on social networks, contextual advertising, and even good old email marketing.

Types Of Internet Marketing San Diego

Internet marketing has no boundaries – it can be done anywhere and is able to reach people worldwide. However, since we are a San Diego based internet marketing company, we focus our knowledge, skills, and energy helping clients rank within the city.

  • SEO Optimization. Once you’ve got a website, you should work on its promotion in search engines. There are two independent but interconnected ways to do so: SEO marketing and link building. SEO’s goal is to gain high positions on search result pages through website optimization. Link building implies getting references to your website from external sources (other sites, blogs, social media, etc.). Relevant links from credible websites are able to boost trust to your platform and increase traffic. Both SEO and link building are vital to deliver your website to the top spot on organic search results. 
  • Social media marketing. It is a very popular and affordable method to promote your business. It is likely that your target audience is dwelling on social media platforms. You simply cannot miss your chance to expose your brand to them. With social media marketing services by Local Dudes, you’ll reach prospects without much effort. 
  • Email marketing. Managed email marketing aids to affect individuals who rarely surf the web or show up on social media. You dispatch your newsletter only to people who voluntary gave you their email addresses meaning they have a certain level of trust to your brand. As a result, email marketing boasts one of the highest ROI out of all promotional methods. 
  • Paid online advertisement. This tactic implies that you place your advertisement on a search engine page or a website related to your niche. Every time someone clicks your ad you pay a little commission to a publisher. Although pay per click marketing works as long as you are willing to invest, it is able to boost traffic almost instantly. 

We are not saying the above mentioned online marketing services are a right for all businesses. However, with expert help from an internet marketing agency like ours, you will be able to realize their potential to the max.

How Can Your Small Business Benefit from Internet Marketing

Today, businesses have more opportunities than ever before. If you run a small-sized company with a modest budget, Internet marketing can become the driving force that helps successfully compete for customers. While traditional advertising is becoming increasingly costly and unaffordable, online promotion is a strategy that really pays off.

Have you ever wondered how startups and small businesses survive while so many deep-pocketed sharks are around? Perhaps, they managed to develop a unique product, but this is not enough to become successful. It is critical to tell about this product to anyone who would potentially want to buy it. The main advantage of the Internet is that you can reach every online user and advertise your benefits. You don’t even have to break the bank to do so.

While cost-effectiveness is the greatest benefit of e-marketing, it has some other aces up its sleeve. Especially compared to traditional marketing.

Better Customer Understanding 

Online marketing allows you to better understand your customers’ needs and wants. You can quickly receive opinions, feedback, and suggestions about your products and services. Thanks to this interactivity, you have the ability to quickly respond to complaints and requests, create a positive word of mouth, and successfully move towards improving quality.

Demographic Target Marketing 

The World Wide Web covers all demographic segments but not all of them are your target audience. Thanks to online internet marketing, you can identify people that are potentially interested in your brand and affect them exclusively. With precise targeting, you don’t have to inflate your advertising budget.

Website Analytics

You can instantly receive information about which of your actions have been effective and which have failed. With this data at your fingertips, you are able to make informed decisions on abandoning ineffective tactics and putting more effort into promotions that really make you money.

Measuring The Success Of Your Online Marketing Efforts

To figure out whether your marketing strategy has been successful or not, you should clearly envision what you want to accomplish in the first place. Goals like increasing brand awareness, bringing in more traffic, boosting sales, etc. have different performance indicators.

That said, there is one universal metrics capable of showing how your marketing campaign is performing and it is ROI. This indicator displays the ratio of the money you were able to earn to the cost of a particular campaign. The ROI of less than 1 means that your business is losing money.

If you see that the return on investment is less than you expected, you should seriously revise your Internet marketing strategy. In the short term, especially if you just launched a new campaign, a low ROI is disappointing but not fatal. However, if you see that, month after month, your investments go down the tubes and don’t bring any income, you should stop using this type of promotion. Instead, you can spend your funds on those marketing tactics that generate revenue.

When you want to evaluate the success of your Internet marketing approach, you should consider indicators of each campaign separately. You cannot mix the total costs of web promotion with net profit and conclude how well the whole marketing campaign went. In the end, efficiency is also the ability to get rid of tactics that devastate your budget but don’t bring anything in return. By calculating the ROI of each marketing avenue, you will know which ones lived up to your expectations and which ones didn’t.

Ways To promote Your Website Offline

Since your website is running on the web, so it’s obvious that you’re focused on online promotional efforts. However, there are some offline methods to advertise your platform you shouldn’t ignore. Even if you are a small business on a budget, you can afford the following off-the-grid promotion:

  • Type your website address on business cards, letterheads, and contracts. It will increase visibility and make a positive impression on your partners.
  • Specify your website’s name on the signs of your physical store. By doing so, you’ll allow customers to learn about your product range even before they come round. Over time, you’ll be able to take the entire shopping process online.
  • Write your website on product packaging. It will help increase brand recognition among existing customers. Additionally, you can promote your platform on a larger scale if a client goes outside with your branded bag. 
  • Specify the website address on the receipts. People tend to keep receipts meaning they will also keep your contact information. 
  • Print your website’s name on freebies and giveaways. The most straightforward yet efficient giveaway is a calendar. It is able to display your branded image and contact info for the whole year. 
  • You can send out text messages featuring website links to your customer base. 
  • If you have a physical store, it will come in handy to advertise your online business. You can place your website’s name on outdoor displays or store windows, as well as indoors posters, stands, and even floor stickers.
Need Help With Your Internet Marketing?

Many business owners believe that they can pull off web promotion on their own. Indeed, each of us knows how to use the Internet, post something on social media, and send emails. However, in reality, not every person turns out to be a jack of all trades to successfully combine general business management and marketing activities.

If you see that your marketing budget is being spent inefficiently, you feel that your business needs a kickstart, or you are looking for new ideas, don’t hesitate to call professionals. Our San Diego internet marketing company has a vast experience in working with small businesses that desire to grow and thrive. We are all ears to listen to what you want to achieve and help you draw up the right strategy. Moreover, we will aid to select tactics that fully match your needs and do our best to implement them.

It doesn’t hurt to make a call and find out how Local Dudes can help your small business in San Diego enhance your online presence. Talk to one of our competent experts and get to know what we can do for you.