In today’s world, more and more businesses take their activities online. The internet is a breeding ground for potential customers, so it would be a mistake to ignore it. The amount of money spent online increases year after year, so I’m hoping. You can see the importance of internet marketing and how it can help your small business grow.

We can increasingly see how companies are making use of Internet marketing, winning the competition over traditional style bricks-and-mortar businesses that do not have a robust online presence. If you think web promotion is not exactly what you need, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Small Business Internet Marketing

Many small business owners ignore what they don’t fully understand. Well, I will say it’s always beneficial to be educated on the subject, however, if you don’t want to do the work yourself. Many marketing companies offer small business internet marketing services, including myself. 

There many capable companies out there do your research. It might be beneficial to hire someone in your city for in-person meetings. However, there might not be a significant need for this since modern technology and video chat allows companies to service their clients remotely. 

Even in today’s world, some businesses prefer that personal touch. Although many digital companies can offer services on a national level, they target their city. Take Local Dudes, for example; it’s why we offer San Diego internet marketing services.

San Diego Internet Marketing Company

Full disclosure I own a San Diego Internet marketing company so I can be a little biased. Still, I want you the readers to form your very own opinion on the subject. Maybe you will see the importance of internet marketing for your small business.

I own a boutique digital marketing agency in San Diego, California, called Local Dudes Marketing. We specialize in helping small business owners grow their company through our internet marketing services. If you are interested in boosting your online growth, fill out the request quote form, and we will get back to you quickly.

I wouldn’t be a real marketer if I weren’t shamelessly willing to plug my company. Now that you know about the products and services we offer, please continue reading to learn what internet marketing is and the value it brings to small business owners. 

What Is Internet Marketing

In a nutshell, Internet marketing (AKA online marketing or e-marketing) refers to promoting a business and its products and services via the internet. The goal of this promotion is to stimulate sales, increase traffic, and lure shoppers onto your digital business platform or physical store.

Besides improving sales, small business owners can accomplish a variety of other goals, thanks to the internet. For example, they can tell potential buyers about themselves, increase brand awareness, form a positive opinion about their products, roll out new products, enter an international market, etc. Promotion on the net helps better embrace local markets. 

If you run your business in Southern California (like we do), you’ll surely benefit from our San Diego internet marketing services. Contact us and mention the blog post titled “The importance of Internet Marketing for Your Small Business” and receive one hour of free consultation. 

How To Get Started With Online Marketing

To get started with your small business internet marketing, you need a corporate website or an online store. It will accommodate all the valuable information regarding your brand and will help your customers make purchases. Some businesses, though, thrive without a site. Still, they have a digital presence such as a social media account, for example.

Small business owners think once the website is up and running, you’ll be having customers by the truckload. A site is only the very first step towards your success. If you are keen on getting the desired result, you must use all suitable marketing channels. Those include promotion in search engines, advertising on social networks, contextual advertising, and even good old email marketing.

Types Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has no boundaries–it can be done anywhere and can reach people worldwide. However, since we are a San Diego based internet marketing company, we focus our knowledge, skills, and energy on helping clients rank within the city.

  • SEO Optimization: Once you’ve got a website, work on its promotion in search engines. There are two independent but interconnected ways to do so SEO marketing and link building. The goal of SEO is to gain top positions on search result pages through website optimization. 
  • Link building implies getting references to your website from external sources (other sites, blogs, social media, etc.). Relevant links from credible websites can boost trust in your website and increase traffic. Both SEO and link building are vital to delivering your site to the top spot on organic search results. 
  • Social media marketing: It is a prevalent and affordable method to promote your business. Your target audience is likely to be on social media platforms. You cannot miss your chance to expose your brand to them. With social media marketing services by Local Dudes, you’ll reach prospects with minor effort. 
  • Email marketing: Managed email marketing aids to affect individuals who rarely surf the web or show up on social media. You dispatch your newsletter only to people who voluntarily gave you their email addresses, meaning they have a certain level of trust in your brand. As a result, email marketing boasts one of the highest ROI out of all promotional methods. 
  • PPC marketing: This tactic implies that you place your advertisement on a search engine page or a website related to your niche. Every time someone clicks your ad, you pay a little commission to a publisher. Pay per click marketing works as long as you have the budget and will invest; it can boost traffic almost instantly. 

I’m not saying the above-mentioned online marketing services are a right for all businesses. However, with expert help from a small business internet marketing agency like mine, you will realize their potential to the max.

Local Internet Marketing

Did you know you can do online promotions like internet marketing on an international, national, or local level? Many companies, especially ones with physical storefronts, prefer to market locally. Luckily, digital marketing has multiple channels that can target specific cities such as my business does with San Diego. 

Local marketing helps create a more even playing field because of the reduced costs, and the fact that potential customers like to support local companies. The costs are lower because your ads will be reaching fewer people compared to when marketing nationally. However, your return on investment is usually better. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about how you make purchases. I bet when all things being equal, you will purchase locally. 

I banked my business on this, hence my company name being Local Dudes Marketing. It’s also why we focus our advertising efforts around our city and target potential clients for our San Diego internet marketing services. 

The Impact For Small Business Owners

If you are not already promoting your business online, you are losing out on getting qualified traffic that turns into sales. You are also missing the perfect opportunity to create brand recognition for your company. Increased branding will help boost online deals and drive traffic into your stores. Increased brand recognition creates a sense of trust among buyers. 

I want to preference that I am not saying this scare any small business owners, but the trends have shifted over the years. More business is happening over the internet than ever before. I foresee this trend to continuing to grow. Besides this, I fully expect there will be fewer physical storefronts in the future. No, I’m not Nostradamus, nor do I have a crystal ball, but I am a marketer, and my job is to forecast future trends. 

Many companies have already shifted their business to meet these demands and have seen significant benefits of reduced overhead costs. My question to you is why fight this trend. Embrace it and not only prosper now, but also as your company moves into the future.

The Importance of Online Marketing 

Well, I don’t think you would take the time to read this article if you didn’t feel the importance of internet marketing and how it can affect the success of your business. Did you know that there are over 4 billion internet users online every day? 81% of Americans go online daily. In 2019 global e-commerce sales surpassed 3 trillion dollars. Yes, these are big numbers, so online promotion and advertising have become crucial for small business success.

When discussing the importance of internet marketing, I’m not trying to persuade but merely show you the data and opportunity your small business is missing. If you’re not promoting online, then you are doing your business a big disservice. Read on to learn more about why your small business should partake in internet marketing.

If you like to do the work yourself and need help to get started or have questions. Then I would advise you to check out our consulting services found here

Are You A San Diego Company Looking Internet Marketing 

Today, businesses have more opportunities than ever before. Internet marketing can become the driving force that helps you successfully compete for customers, even if you run a small-sized company with a modest budget. While traditional advertising is becoming increasingly costly and unaffordable, online promotion is a strategy that pays off.

Have you ever wondered how startups and small businesses survive while so many deep-pocketed sharks are around? Perhaps they developed a unique product, but this is not enough to become successful. It is critical to tell about this product to anyone who might want to buy it. The key advantage of the internet is that you have multiple ways to reach online users and advertise your benefits. You don’t even have to break the bank to do so.

While cost-effectiveness is the most significant benefit of e-marketing, it has some other aces up its sleeve, especially compared to traditional marketing

Advantages of Internet Marketing

marketing campaigns as needed. There are multiple advantages of internet marketing. The biggest being increased brand exposure and sales. Without increased sales, what’s the point of any marketing. Listed below are some benefits you can expect when running online promotions.

  • Agile: Online marketing is very agile. You can test in real time and adjust as needed.
  • Lower Costs: Internet marketing has lower costs than traditional forms of marketing.
  • Analytics: With the use of analytic software, you can easily track and test the results of your small business internet marketing efforts.
  • Demographic Targeting: Thanks to online internet marketing, you can identify people that are potentially interested in your brand and affect them only. 
  • Cross Promotion: it can combine Online promotions with your traditional methods to drive traffic to your physical store locations. 
  • Multiple Channels: With the use of digital marketing, you have many channels to pick. You will need to research or hire an expert to determine the best fits for your company.
  • Customer Behavior: Online marketing allows you to understand your customers’ needs and wants better.
  • Open 24 hours: Although you might have set office or store operating hours, your website doesn’t open 24/7

I could sit here and list more advantages of marketing on the internet, but you get the point. Although I would highly recommend you to market online, don’t forget about continuing your offline promotional methods that are working.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips For Website Success

Provided below are small business internet marketing tips essential for creating a better website and user experience for your clientele. I know you have heard the phrase, “you have to learn to walk before you can run” well, this is true for your online promotional efforts. It would be best if you built your virtual business foundation before running any marketing campaigns. Without a solid foundation, you will waste your time and effort.

  • Tip One User Experience: You ask what is user experience, and why do I care? It’s about having a professionally designed website that not only looks but functions well. Many factors go into excellent user experience, but your primary focus should on the design, layout, navigation, and overall functionality of your website. A well-designed site will have reliable hosting, load fast, great content, easy-to-use site navigation, and contact information displayed throughout the site 
  • Tip Two Content: Have you heard the phrase less is more well that doesn’t apply for content? When creating content for your website, whether through text, images, videos, or a combination of them all, the more in-depth you are on the subject, the better the results will be.
  • Now I’m not saying to create a report. Nobody wants to read a dull story. However, it would be best if you were thorough in showing that you have an excellent understanding of the topic. The hard part is making sure the content doesn’t seem dry and dull. I would suggest adding some of your personality within the material, so the readers get to know about your business and have a sense of who you are.
  • Tip Three User Intent: User intent can be a broad topic, but we will simplify it for this article. You can view at giving the site visitors what they want. What I mean by this is, does your content fulfill their search query. Does it answer the questions and provide them with solutions? If you can’t respond yes to this, then you are entirely missing the proverbial bucket and would suggest creating the content of your website around user intent. 
  • Tip Four Site Speed: Your website speed plays a vital role in your marketing success. Did you know that 40% of internet users will abandon your site if it takes over 3 seconds to load? Nearly half your traffic gone because you were not willing to put the time, effort, and expenses into ensuring quick load speed. Think about how do you feel when you visit a slow loading site. So, why would you make your potential customers do the same? 

Plus, site speed is a direct ranking factor for search engine optimization. If you plan to use SEO as a marketing channel, focus on your website’s speed.

Now that you have read the tips and understand how your website is the foundation for your internet marketing efforts. Put the time and energy into making your site the best. I would suggest mapping out a strategic plan on how to attack and implement any necessary changes. If this is too technical or you don’t have the time, Local Dudes Marketing team is ready to help you out. 

Measuring The Success of Your Online Marketing Efforts

To figure out whether your marketing strategy has been successful, envision what you want to accomplish. Goals like increasing brand awareness, bringing in more traffic, boosting sales, etc. have different performance indicators.

That said, there is one universal metrics capable of showing how your marketing campaign is performing, and it is ROI. This indicator displays the ratio of the money you could earn to the cost of a particular campaign. The ROI of less than 1 means that your business is losing money.

San Diego SEO Marketing Company

If you see that the return on investment is less than you expected, seriously revise your Internet marketing strategy. In the brief term, especially if you just launched a recent campaign, a low ROI is disappointing but not fatal. However, if you see that, month after month, your investments go down the tubes and don’t bring any income, stop using this promotion. Instead, you can spend your funds on those marketing tactics that generate revenue.

When you want to test the success of your Internet marketing strategy, consider each campaign’s indicators separately. You cannot mix the total costs of web promotion with net profit and conclude how well the entire marketing campaign went. Efficiency is also the ability to get rid of tactics that hinder your budget and bring nothing in return. By calculating the ROI of each marketing avenue, you will know which ones lived up to your expectations and which ones didn’t.

San Diego Small Business Internet Marketing Services

As stated above, I own a boutique agency that offers small business internet marketing services. Local Dudes has the capabilities to market locally, such as targeting large metropolitan areas like my home City of San Diego. Need a more substantial audience, then think grander with our national marketing services.

We have designed our products for small business owners. Not only are the prices significantly lower than you will see from more prominent agencies. We offer a personal touch when you place an order with you will get an expert in the field, not some junior-level account assistant doing the work. So not only will your limited budget stretch further with us, but you will get a superb quality of work.

These are the small business internet marketing services that we offer.

  • Website Design & Maintenance 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • PPC Management 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Local Marketing 

Not sure what marketing channel to choose? Don’t worry, have a conversation with one of our experts to discuss your online promotional needs, and we’ll come back to you with our suggestions. 

Need Help With Your Internet Marketing

Many business owners believe that they can pull off web promotion on their own. Each of us knows how to use the internet, post something on social media, and send emails. However, in reality, not every person turns out to be a jack of all trades at successfully combining business management and marketing activities.

If you see that your marketing budget is being spent inefficiently, you feel your business needs a kick start, or you are looking for fresh ideas. Don’t hesitate to call professionals. Our San Diego internet marketing company has a vast experience in working with small businesses that desire to grow and thrive. We are all ears to listen to what you want to achieve and help you draw up the right strategy. We will aid in selecting tactics that fully match your needs and do our best to implement them.

It doesn’t hurt to make a call and find out how Local Dudes can help your small business enhance your online presence. 

Our Promise To Small Business Owners

Now that you have read our article and briefly went over our small business internet marketing services. You should have a full understanding of the advantages of internet marketing provides. So, we want to erase any doubt you might have about hiring us. I, the owner of Local Dudes Marketing, can promise an honest, upfront approach. We believe in transparency and provide monthly reports on all of our internet marketing services.

We understand that many businesses don’t have unlimited budgets. Our services and designed to reflect this. Please browse our website to view our products or call us to discuss your promotional needs. Not to brag, but our clients refer to us as the best internet marketing company for small businesses, but we’ll let you be judge and decide for yourself. Let’s meet up to see how we can help your company grow if you are in the San Diego area.

Are you the type of person who likes to do the work themselves. You think you understand online marketing. However, you are unsure where to start and have questions, then I would advise you to check out our consulting services web page.

We Offer The Best San Diego Internet Marketing Services 

We have years of experience in web design and online marketing. With a focus on helping small businesses grow, we try our best to keep costs down offer affordable internet marketing services. Listed Below are benefits you get when working with Local Dudes Marketing:

  • Local internet marketing San Diego CA
  • Internet marketing services near me
  • Quality services 
  • Affordable internet marketing costs

If your business is near me in San Diego, California, it will be easier to meet up and have an in-depth conversation about how our marketing services can benefit your business. Contact us today we are ready to help!

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