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The foundation for your digital presence starts with a website that not only looks great but is designed well and functions properly. Hire this San Diego website design company and we’ll make your site is the talk of the town.  

Make Your Website Standout 

San Diego Web Design And Web Development Services 

Web Design


You deserve an eye-catching and professionally designed website. Let us custom-build it for your business.


No more bulky and buggy code! Your site will load fast and work faultlessly thanks to clean and optimized code.


We’ll optimize your template to adjust to any device and screen size. Your website will look grand for every user.

User Tested


We test all of our website designs to make sure they are correctly coded and provide an enjoyable user experience. 


Our clean and professional websites turn visitors into customers. We’ll help boost your conversion rate and ROI.

Website Maintenance


Lets us take the worries away and manage your website and perform any routine maintenance as needed.

San Diego Website Design Services

Let’s work together to set your website design apart from the competition. Our highly skilled San Diego web design experts are ready for any challenge you through our way. What are you waiting for? 

Your Local San Diego Web Design Firm

Today, I can’t imagine any business without its own digital platform. Modern, attractive, and optimized websites are one of the primary elements of the online marketing strategy. If you are looking for a web design San Diego company to build and handle your site, Local Dudes Marketing is here to help. A website is a storefront of your business, so entrust it to professionals!

We are not only web design experts but internet marketing specialist as well. When you order your website design through Local Dudes Marketing, you will get a classy, highly functional site optimized for online marketing.

Get A Great Looking Website From This San Diego Web Design Company 

Look, we not only have the capabilities to build you a great-looking website design, this San Diego web design firm can help aid in your company growth. Unlike most design companies or web designers, we have the expertise to market your business. With Local Dudes Marketing you will get a website that looks great but you will get a site that attracts visitor and optimized to take advantage of online marketing opportunities such as SEO.

Having a great-looking site, no pun intended, is great, but that is only the starting point. You need to bring relevant eyes to your web pages and this is where we come in handy. We design all of our sites to be attractive, but will also help convert your traffic into leads and sales.  With our marketing knowledge you can rest assure we will find the most appropriate digital marketing channels for your business type and aid in your company growth. So, let us take your website from blah to wow. 

Website Design Strategy

Local Dudes Marketing experts understand how important a website is to stay ahead of the competition. It is especially critical for small businesses that often lack the financial resources to invest in pricey ways of promotion. In this regard, a successful website backed by SEO can generate more attention to your brand and its products than other types of digital marketing for the same price. However, what is an effective website? One that a business owner likes? Not exactly. A modern online platform should be:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Optimized for user needs and search engine requirements
  • Optimized for mobile devices

Aesthetic web design implies that your site is easy to navigate, features an eye-catching theme and rich content. An intuitive interface and a pleasing appearance encourage visitors to stay longer and learn what you products and services that you offer. Thus, it results in better conversion.

It closely relates user optimization to aesthetics, but is much more than that. Your website should tell potential clients about the value of your brand or products and what benefits they will get from purchasing from you. If buyers find your site useful and interesting, their behavior gives the search engines a signal that it is worthy of being displayed on top of the search result page.


    Along with that, your website must meet the specific requirements of search engines. Google and its counterparts should understand what your site is about. To help them out, your task is to develop a semantic core and embed keywords into the content.

    Not only that, but a website ought to be mobile-friendly, i.e. have a responsive design. It means that it will automatically adjust to the screen size of any device people might use. With a responsive design, your online store or corporate site will look attractive no matter the device it’s viewed on. It is especially critical since more and more people prefer mobile devices to browse the Internet and make purchases.

    Our professionals will talk with you to fully get an understanding and feel for the type of design you are looking for and how you want the website to function. Based on the information we receive from you, we will create a website design to meet all your requirements while optimizing it for both users and search engines.

    Our Website Design Capabilities

    Here, at Local Dudes web design firm, we are delighted to offer our fully custom website solutions. We will create a unique layout for the homepage, landing, product pages, as well as any page you require from scratch, and then code it accordingly. With our custom-coded web design services, you’ll benefit from one of a kind site that considers the specifics of your business, your own aesthetics, and particular needs.

    If you require a cost and money saving solution, we can create your website based on a pre-built template. We’ll help you choose a theme that is as close as possible to your vision and then we fine-tune it to fit your desired needs. 

    Our team of experienced web designers is capable of creating HTML websites and building your platform based on popular website content management systems (also known as CMS). We work with such as CMS as WordPress for corporate sites and Magento or Shopify if you need an e-commerce online store.

    User Experience (UX Design)

    We strive to ensure that all the designs we created are clean, appealing, intuitive, and induce a potential client to make a purchase. Regardless of which template you, as a small business owner, are inclined to, we will help improve customer experience and loyalty via the ease of use and satisfaction that visitors get from interacting with your website.

    We meticulously work through every design element, be it a font, button, or navigation, to make sure they are easy to notice, user-friendly, and able to draw people’s attention to things that matter. Through usability and an aesthetically pleasing interface, we will help your visitors find information and products faster and minimize the number of steps to make a purchase. In such a way, our UX design will contribute to turning your visitors into customers.

    Web Development

    Before we launch your website, we will make sure it has a clean code and its all multimedia elements are optimized. Our team will necessarily test your template for bugs and errors to eliminate them even before the website comes to life. To further enhance your website’s capabilities, we will also optimize it for faster loading speed. If your platform doesn’t make visitors wait till it is loaded, not only will it boost user experience but also result in better ranking in the search engines.

    As a separate service, we can install SSL for better site security. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure data transfer on the Internet. The SSL protocol is a must when you need to ensure the information that a user sends to your site is safeguarded.

    San Diego web design firm

    SSL is of utmost importance if your web platform works with electronic money or users exchange other sensitive data with your platform (for example, passwords or credit card numbers). Such information provides great interest to culprits. If you implement an unsecured connection, data transmitted by your clients can be hijacked. SSL protocol prevents data theft and thus increases the trust and loyalty to your brand.

    Any search engine insists that websites should be enhanced with SSL. In the end, in Google’s eyes, things that are good for users are also good for strengthening your position in search results.

    In addition to the SSL configuration, we also offer website management services. Our packages feature site performance monitoring, bug check, theme and plugins updates installation, as well as creation and adding new code if necessary. If you order a custom-built or template website from Local Dudes, we will include 3 months of free maintenance and management services.

    Your Web Hosting Matters

    It may seem like a minor detail, but hosting affects websites’ ranking in the search results, too. An iffy hosting may result in slow loading speeds and insufficient uptime. The former will diminish user experience, while the latter may not allow people to access your web platform whatsoever. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing a provider to accommodate your site.

    Poor user experience can directly or indirectly harm your marketing efforts. Slow loading sites with poor hosting will affect your SEO efforts directly. Indirectly PPC campaigns and email marketing can suffer if the site takes too long to load. People don’t want to wait for slow-loading pages or a website that is down from poor hosting. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, make sure you have quality hosting. 

    Good hosting will assure you that the site is up and running, provide you with a free SSL certificate, and have a CDN to help with your loading speed, so why not invest? 

    If you don’t have a hosting service, Local Dudes will be glad to help you choose one. We’ll analyze available deals to suggest hosting with maximum uptime, top loading speeds, and an affordable price tag.

    Hire a Local San Diego Web Agency 

    Local Dudes Marketing is a San Diego web design firm with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. We are keen on creating professional, contemporary, and appealing online platforms for small businesses focused on growth. From web development to website maintenance and management, we are here to help you build a great-looking website that draws in visitors and urges them to make a purchase. 

    With a reputable web design company like ours, your small business can easily achieve ambitious goals, rapidly develop, and thrive in the digital environment. Let Local Dudes Marketing take care of your website and strengthen your brand Image.